Culture of Encounter


The Culture of Encounter initiative combines the resources, experiences and expertise of Arigatou International, Scholas Occurrentes, the Aga Khan Foundation, the European Wergeland Centre, and the Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace Research Institute.

Arigatou International’s Ethics Education Approach promotes critical reflections to help nurture understanding and respect for diversity and create a sense of community among youth.

The methodology developed by Scholas Occurrentes invites young people from different origins to come together, listen to themselves and others, rediscover their passion, deepen their mutual concerns, and co-create solutions to challenges that their communities face.

Aga Khan Foundation’s work on pluralism, experience in social inclusion projects, and expertise in developing urban communities further enrich the Project’s depths and impact.

The European Wergeland Centre’s approach to Education for Democratic Citizenship ensures the Project’s focus on promoting active citizenship, and a culture of democracy and human rights in schools, communities and societies.

The Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace Research Institute, through their expertise on holistic human well-being, and experiences in participatory program evaluation, will provide a values-based Monitoring and Evaluation framework which not only reflects the intention of this project, but further enables the participants to appreciate the processes of transformation dialogically and collaboratively.

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